Candidates face CBD residents

Thanks to Residents 3000’s “meet the candidates” forum on April 5, locals got a good idea about which lord mayoral candidates have an understanding and appreciation of CBD issues.

Although nominations were yet to close for the lord mayoral by-election, six candidates attended the session held at the Kelvin Club.  They were: Sally Capp, Luke Downing, Ken Ong, Rohan Leppert, Sally Warhaft and Jennifer Yang.

On the higher-level matters like homelessness and rough sleeping, all candidates were comfortable to share their knowledge and vision of an issue that goes way beyond the borders of postcode 3000.

Candidates had plenty to say about the Queen Victoria Market redevelopment too.

But once the questioning descended into the nitty-gritty of local life, such as third-party planning appeal rights, short-stay apartments in residential towers and commercial garbage collection policy, a knowledge gap rapidly opened up.

Sitting and former councillors were naturally advantaged at these moments. Less experienced candidates had an opportunity to either admit their ignorance and profess a desire to learn or bluff their way through.

It’s fair to say that a fair bit of bluffing was attempted – not a wise strategy in front of a well-informed audience.

Attendees will rate all candidates when ballot papers are filled in and returned via post by May 11.  Ballots will be mailed to enrolled voters between April 23 and April 26.

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