Award for apartment safety project

Residents 3000 president John Dall’Amico and Leading Sen-Constable Glenn McFarlane have together created a new security assessment program for apartment buildings.

To commend his efforts in the development and assessment of residential apartment security, Mr Dall’Amico was last month presented with an award on behalf of Residents 3000.

The award was presented by Acting Inspector Stephen Wilson at the Residents 3000 annual general meeting on October 6.

Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane and Mr Dall’Amico established their friendship through CBD group Residents 3000, where Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane engages with the local community and informs them of the latest police focuses.

Some two years ago, Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane approached Mr Dall’Amico, who is also director of property management company CBD Facility Management, about whether he and Residents 3000 would be prepared to help in the designing of a program targeting security checks for apartment buildings.

“I identified John as having the experience and expertise that I was after,” Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane said.

Mr Dall’Amico was more than willing to help. “The fact that I’m a resident of the city, well, I want to feel safe myself,” he said.

“My job is to ensure the safety of buildings. I learnt so many things in a professional sense that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.”

Together, they created two separate assessment documents: one for residents and one for owners’ corporations.

“Initially, Glenn had a program that was specifically targeted at residents. I think that’s because he’s from suburbia,” said Mr Dall’Amico.

“In suburbia, you look after your own place, whereas in the city, it’s more of a community. There’s some questions that only building managers or owners’ corporation committees would know the answers to. So that’s where we came up with the idea for two programs.”

Each document includes a detailed checklist to be filled out. The checklists are broken down into sections regarding areas such as property identification, intruder alarm systems and building access points.

The pair had several discussions on what the assessment programs needed to contain before putting their ideas into practice by auditing a building which was home to a Residents 3000 member.

The next step in the process was for Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane to hold a training session with Residents 3000 members about the program and how to fill out the checklists.

“Residents 3000 were vital to the putting together of the new security assessments,” Leading Sen-Constable McFarlane said.

“They are every-day people filling out the forms. It showed me that the forms worked”.

Three buildings were used as testers to gauge the performance of the checklists – two in the CBD and one in Docklands.

As well as the checklist, the new programs include detailed suggested security measures.

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