Frankie’s post-lockdown play

By Micaela Togher

Frankie, who lives with Biagio in his West Melbourne home, is relishing her newfound freedom in sunny Flagstaff Gardens.

“She loves walking, she goes for as long as I’m able to take her,” Biagio said, who adopted Frankie four years ago.

Biagio is recuperating from a recent surgery that left him with a portion of his lung removed.  COVID-19 precautions are vital for his continued recovery, but he is frank about his view on the continued lockdowns – “we have to cope with it, but it’s very frustrating,” he said. 

In spite of the hurdles, he is determined to continue walking Frankie. “That’s why I’m taking it slowly today, I’m still recovering,” he said. 

During Melbourne’s second wave of coronavirus last year, Biagio’s adult children pitched in to help their father take care of Frankie.  “She goes for sleepovers and they take her on bigger walks,” he said. 

Frankie – lovingly referred to as “Frankster” by her owner – also loves sleeping and snacking on Schmackos in her spare time.

While Biagio is not sure of Frankie’s exact breed, he is certain of something: No matter what the future holds, nothing will stop Frankie from frolicking about in the Melbourne sun •

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