About CBD News - The Voice of Postcode 3000

The first CBD News edition was published in August 2014 as a means of providing a local news source for the city's growing residential population. Established on the same model as our existing publications in Docklands and Southbank, CBD News looks to serve the community in the best way possible. 

CBD News is printed monthly and 20,000 printed copies are distributed throughout the area. CBD News was originally established by Shane Scanlan and Shine Dighe. Today, it is privately owned and operated by Sean Car.

It is our job to inform the community of events, news and changes that are evolving around the area. We are a trusted source of information for residents, workers and visitors within the CBD. We are the voice of postcode 3000.

Publisher - Sean Car.

Journalists - David Schout, Georgie Atkins, Jack Hayes (business), Brendan Rees.

Photography - Hanna Komissarova, Ajay Vishanath, Maria Vasileva and Marcela Lehocka. 

Production/Design - Amy Frost, Kate Fooke

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Meet Our Team


David Schout | Journalist

With a dedication spanning five years, David has been a committed and enthusiastic journalist at CBD News. His extensive media experience extends across both national and international platforms, contributing to a diverse array of publications such as The Guardian, Herald Sun, Leader, ESPN, and Wisden. David's reporting interests cover a wide spectrum, ranging from council affairs to local news and sports, demonstrating his enjoyment in covering all facets of Melbourne.


Brendan Rees | Journalist

Starting in 2021, Brendan has been a proactive contributor to all five publications, immersing himself in impactful stories highlighted in Docklands News, CBD News, Southbank News, Inner City News, and North West City News. His distinctive passion revolves around enhancing local narratives, a commitment most evident in his work with North West City News, where he ardently engages with the communities these publications cover. Brendan comes with a rich background in local media, boasting notable roles at the Herald Sun, Star News Group, Dimboola Banner, and international experience with the Ghanaian Times.


Jack Hayes | Business Editor

Over the past four years, Jack has played a pivotal role at Hyperlocal News, undertaking various responsibilities as the marketing and distribution manager, while also serving as the business editor and journalist. By merging his proficiency in both journalism and marketing, Jack contributes a distinctive set of skills to his position at Hyperlocal News. His approachable and professional demeanour resonates effectively within the local community, establishing him as a well-regarded figure in the domains of journalism and business.


Sean Car | Owner & Editor

For a decade, Sean has been immersed in reporting local news within the City of Melbourne, covering Docklands, Southbank, and the CBD. Before this chapter, he served as a broadcast journalist at WIN News in Shepparton. Beyond his journalism endeavors, Sean is actively spearheads a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to community development in Malawi and Uganda. As a proud Melburnian and the owner and managing editor at Hyperlocal News, his passion lies in fostering community bonds and recognising the pivotal role local journalists play.



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