The spending community is not Toorak or Brighton. It's right here in the CBD. ABS statistics consistenty show that our local community are the people who buy. So why not sell to them through the CBD News, their trusted and respected news source?

Ring Sean Car on 8689 7980 or email him at
[email protected]




We print and distribute 20,000 copies of the CBD News towards the end of each month. With a conservative multiplier of 2.5 readers per paper, this translates to 50,000 readers.

A proportion of these readers are from outside the CBD. They are visitors to the precinct who pick up the paper from one of the numerous cafes, restaurants, offices or pick-up baskets which we have placed in high-traffic areas.

The rest go to residents and workers in the CBD. We deliver into the letterboxes of every apartment and business within postcode 3000. About 38,000 people now live in the CBD. 

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