Favourite corners in our CBD


By Julia Roberts

As a resident in the CBD, there is so much to love and there are wall-to-wall cultural and sporting events.

Melbourne has most recently hosted a huge weekend with so much happening – crowds back for football, with stadiums filled at either end of town; the Grand Prix; the Melbourne International Garden Show, bringing a plethora of international visitors; the opening weekend of the International Comedy Festival.

We know that Melbourne is the hub of major events and festivals, bringing people to the city to be engaged, entertained and to celebrate, adding so much to our town and a welcome boost to the economy.

What about the quiet corners, and hidden gems the favourite places so familiar to CBD residents?

Alongside all that brings so many into the city there are small corners, hidden gems and spaces known and treasured by the locals – small coffee shops, quiet garden spaces and less travelled walking tracks.

A couple of our favourites …

Heaven at the Hill serves coffee and home-made treats from a small caravan in the grounds of St Peters Eastern Hill.

Small hidden spaces in the Fitzroy Gardens – grab a coffee at the KereKere Green Cafe, and wander to the adjacent and somewhat hidden track that takes you off the main pathways, discover the hidden creek bed, the stream and fern gully, duckpond and waterfall. There are plenty of benches to stop and take in the solitude and calm.

Agathe Patisserie is a popular destination in the South Melbourne Market, known for its long queues and mouth-watering French pastries.

Agathe Patisserie Petite is on our doorstep – a hole-in-the-wall space in the Royal Arcade. When wandering around the Arcade, it is so tiny it can easily be missed, but it is not to be missed by lovers of fine French pastries, croissants and baguettes. It’s open Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 3pm.

If you have a favourite corner, walk, restaurant, playground, we would love to hear and share in future articles.

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