Get to know an international student: Devanyi Maru

Get to know an international student: Devanyi Maru
Brendan Rees

When did you arrive in Melbourne? 

I arrived in Melbourne on February 8, 2022.

What course are you studying? 

I am doing Master of International Business at the University of Melbourne.

What are some cultural differences you have observed? 

I am from India which is a culturally diverse country. I found major differences between the cuisines. Indian cuisine is more diverse and has many varieties of flavours and spices.

Also, in terms of social etiquette, in India we show respect to elders and there is a strong emphasis on hospitality and generosity. Whereas here in Australia, people are generally more informal and relaxed, with less emphasis on hierarchy and respect for authority.

However, I love the Aussie culture as well, as I find it something unique and valued.

What are you favourite places to visit in the city?

I love to visit the Yarra River, Federation Square, Melbourne Sky Deck, Sea Life Aquarium, and some popular clubs. •

Has the urban art movement finished?

Has the urban art movement finished?

November 21st, 2023 - Adrian Doyle
Live longer, healthier

Live longer, healthier

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