Marvellous Melbourne Mornings


The city is a different place first thing in the morning.  

This pre-dawn time is filled with invisible activity, unseen by most of us that live, work and entertain ourselves in Melbourne.

Without notice, and often without thanks, thousands of hands sweep, collect, clean, deliver, prepare, serve and unlock doors so we can get on with the day.


Workers arise and show up early.

Lights switched on in the dark.

Coffee brewed.

Bread baked.

Pastries delivered.

Trees mulched. Plants watered.

Rubbish bins emptied.

Milk crates deposited outside cafes.

Bus, tram and train operated.

Entryways mopped, footpaths swept.

Equipment unloaded.

Restaurants supplied by produce trucks.

Tables and chairs unpacked and arranged.

Welcome to the new day.

Welcome to the city. •

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