New sculpture “with heart”

By Rebecca Broadhead

Sculpture artist Jenny Reddin has installed a sculpture on Little Collins St to inspire office workers returning to the city and spread joy to passers-by.  

Ms Reddin said she was “inspired to create a work where the figure is as much described by the empty space as by the crisscross of metal bar.”

The robust two-metre sculpture, which weighs 50kg, draws upon the experience of people finding connection through heartfelt communication and care for one another in community. 

The figure resembles a Hellenistic kouros statue, which according to Ms Reddin has “a gentle, good heart.”

“Putting him together was an exercise in balance, form and sheer persistence. He was welded, then pulled apart multiple times because a wrong placement would throw out the entire form,” Ms Reddin said.

“As I was installing him I had numbers of people stop to talk, ask questions and take photos. One couple from Sydney commented on how much more dynamic Melbourne was than Sydney. That’s what we want.”

“We are a cultured community with open minds and hearts, ready to embrace new ideas and the extraordinary.” •

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