Safer tram barriers

Local police are happy with revised tram stop barriers similar to one which almost claimed the life of an officer earlier this year.

A 33-year-old senior constable came within millimetres of being killed in the early hours of June 16, when a pedestrian barrier pierced through his police van at the tram stop outside Federation Square.

Yarra Trams has since upgraded the barrier and in September also changed the barriers outside Southern Cross Station on Spencer St and outside Melbourne Central Station on Swanston St.

The new barriers are adorned with reflectors and are believed to be constructed in a more forgiving fashion.

Inspector Ian Geddes told CBD News police were consulted on the new designs.

Inspector Geddes also said the investigation into the crash was continuing.

Yarra Trams spokesperson Simon Murphy said: “Yarra Trams regularly liaises with all emergency services to ensure they are familiar with tram network infrastructure and specific discussions were held on the topic of central pedestrian barriers.”

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