The ‘Russian Hippo’

By Sarah Price

Flinders Street Station is full of people in a constant rush to go somewhere, however Lex and his four-month-old American Staffy puppy Behemoth blissfully walk along the station taking their time.

Lex and Behemoth live in the city and are out exploring Melbourne every day. 

They especially love meeting other dogs and their owners during their daily walks.

“All I do everyday is care for this little fella.  Behemoth is a very sociable dog and he especially loves kids, always jumping around and he loves it when they play with him,”Lex said.

Behemoth is a biblical name for a beast and in Russian means “hippo”.

Originally from Russia, Lex came to Australia for engineering work. 

He has since transferred from Brisbane to Melbourne, and enjoys spending time with Behemoth while he has a long break from his engineering project.

“Everyday is a new adventure with Behemoth, and there’s always a funny story to tell.  Like yesterday at 2am he was just staring at himself in the mirror and barking and jumping around at his own reflection,” Lex said.

“Today when I woke up to go get coffee, I came home to find him sleeping on my bed like a human with his head on the pillow … he looked so comfy I didn’t want to disturb him!”

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