The Woman in Black arrives at the Athenaeum

The Woman in Black arrives at the Athenaeum

The spine-chilling live theatre production, The Woman in Black, has made its way to the Athenaeum Theatre, promising to captivate audiences until July 6.

Based on Susan Hill’s renowned ghost story, this production may also be familiar to fans of the 2012 horror film starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Stephen Mallatratt’s masterful stage adaptation comes to life at the Athenaeum, featuring acclaimed Aussie actors John Waters and Daniel MacPherson in this harrowing tale full of fear and suspense.

“It tells the story of a man, Arthur Kipps, who is plagued by events in his past that he wishes to describe for his family so that they might understand his moods and nightmares. He wishes also to exorcise his demons for the sake of his mental health,” Mr Waters, who plays Arthur, told CBD News.

Arthur is a man deeply traumatised by supernatural events that have tragically impacted his life, and he enlists the help of a young actor (played by Daniel MacPherson) to re-enact his tale.

While “unusual for live theatre to attempt horror”, Mr Mallatratt’s adaptation excels in creating an atmosphere of tension and illusion, with Rod Mead’s sound design and Kevin Sleep’s lighting adding to the thrill.



“For any work to be something from which you learn and grow, it has to challenge you at every step. We are all challenged every performance. Exhausting, but ultimately, rewarding,” Mr Waters said.

Written in 1983, The Woman in Black is a seminal gothic novel in English literature. The stage adaptation has become the second longest-running play in West End history, with Mr Waters reprising his role as Arthur from its Australian debut in 2006.

“This is a truly immersive theatre experience. I hope that every audience, especially those among them who are new to live theatre, will be thoroughly entertained, and inspired to go to more of the same,” he said.

“I believe the Athenaeum is a perfect theatre for this play, it is intimate and enveloping. Just what we want!”

The Woman in Black will run at the Athenaeum Theatre until July 6. •

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