A feast for the curious

Enjoy lunch with a side of learning during Melbourne Knowledge Week.

For seven days in May, Melbourne Knowledge Week (MKW) will transform the CBD into a collaborative classroom, bringing people together to address the interconnected challenges and opportunities our city is currently facing.

The theme of this year’s event is “connecting minds, creating change” and will see more than 60 interactive workshops, talks and classes take place around the city, delivered in partnership with industry-leading organisations.

The MKW hub, located at 1000 Pound Bend on Little Lonsdale St, is a one-stop-shop for interactive events that stimulate creativity and curiosity and are easily digested on your lunch break.

Drop in to the hub on Monday for a hands-on introduction to customer journey mapping with Meld Studios and learn how to build a useful snapshot of your current customer service system. Join the Cryptoparty on Tuesday and become trained in how to protect your data and deter digital snoops. Hear Professor James Whisstock speak on Wednesday and discover how state-of-the-art physics underpins a revolution biological-imaging. Visit on Thursday to hear Deakin University’s cybersecurity expert explain how cybercrime occurs and offer guidance on how to stay cybersmart in our constantly connected world.

Listen to the Victorian Innovation Centre’s (INNOVIC) start-up commercialisation and IP event on Friday – offering essential advice on how to turn that product, service or technology idea into a viable new business.

The Co-working Space Open Day, a MKW feature event on May 3, will see more than 20 workplaces across the city offer tours, talks and networking for those interested in joining the co-working community.  A range of progressive and flexible co-working spaces will open their doors on the day, from dedicated artist-run spaces for creative professionals, to training classrooms for high growth technology start-ups and co-learning hubs for secondary school graduates and high school students.

London-based digital designer and urbanist Dan Hill will be presenting the keynote address, Mundane Sublime: How Technology Transforms the City, on Monday, May 2, exploring the opportunities offered by modern day technologies and how these can benefit, or harm, our cities.

A host of other events covering the education, heritage, science, engineering and social development sectors are scheduled throughout the week at venues dotted around the CBD.

With a multitude of events on offer, and most free of charge, MKW is a great opportunity to gain some insight into an industry or area of interest and connect with the city’s most innovative thinkers in an accessible and collaborative environment.

Join the MKW conversation and learn why accountants are collaborating with coders, how augmented reality is impacting neurosurgery, and what 3D printing has to do with the future of food. Share your contribution and help co-create the Melbourne of the future.

Melbourne Knowledge Week runs from Monday, May 2 until Sunday, May 8.

For a detailed program and more information visit www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/arts-and-culture/events-partnerships/melbourne-knowledge-week

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Ashley Davies

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