A hidden gem

By Khiara Elliott

Fine jeweller Vick Nackashian has been operating out of the CBD for more than 24 years.

Taking an interest in jewellery from as early as four years old, Mr Nackashian attributes his passion for fine jewellery to his Armenian heritage.

“A lot of Armenians are jewellers. When I lived back home I used to watch them as a kid and I got really inspired,” he said.

Upon moving to Australia, Mr Nackashian began his jewellery apprenticeship with Ken D Gray designs before completing it at J. Bird and Son Pty Ltd fine jewellers.

It was here that Mr Nackashian worked for six years before opening up his own fine jewellery studio in the office tower of 220 Collins St. Interestingly, all three businesses are located on Collins St.

“I’ve never left the city. I love it,” he said. “You’ve got Town Hall. You’ve got the arts district. There’s a lot of inspiration in the city.”

Mr Nackashian prides himself on his relationship with his clients, involving them in the entire process from the beginning designs to the final product.

“The first thing I find out is their budget and I work with that,” he said.

From here, Mr Nackashian spends some time figuring out the personality of his clientele in order to create a fitting custom piece.

“Everyone is different. Some people like showy pieces, some people like fine pieces.”

Mr Nackashian then sketches a few designs based on the customer’s material choices.

After his client has chosen a design, Mr Nackashian makes a mock-up in metal so that his clients are able to try on a physical product before he gets to work on the final piece.

Although he has never left the CBD, he draws customers from all over Australia.

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