A Lego piece of Melbourne

By Kara Bertoncini

Kalani Robinson is not your average 15-year-old.

In fact, this budding filmmaker is taking Melbourne by storm and all thanks to a piece of Lego.

Some 21 weeks ago, Robinson started an Instagram profile called @citylifeofpieces, which follows Pieces, a Lego man, wandering around Melbourne bringing his hundreds of followers a fresh perspective to our beautiful city.

The inspiration behind Kalani’s idea is simple really – he wanted to give an insider’s view of Melbourne.

“I’m living in Melbourne, such an iconic city with such iconic things everywhere. I thought, what if I take a little Lego man, because you always see photos of everyone taking selfies, and what if I turned that into something more interesting to look at,” he said.

Essentially, Pieces represents Kalani and both are in the know of what’s good in Melbourne. Kalani considers himself a street sleuth, even finding the best places for a hot chocolate.

“There’s this little alleyway across from my house on Collins St and there’s a bunch of cafes. That’s where I go for my hot chocolates every morning before school. Pieces is definitely a fan. The laneway is called Equitable Place. I haven’t quit on it yet. Sorry that was a bad joke,” Kalani laughed.

Kalani and his father explore the Hoddle Grid, getting lost down the various alleyways every night taking photos of Pieces.

The beauty of walking down alleyways they’ve never found before is what excites Kalani most about living in Melbourne.

He recommends that everyone “find those alleyways, find those little cafes you never knew existed and just have a coffee or a hot chocolate.”

Over the years, Kalani has moved house a lot but finally moved to the CBD in 2013.

“It’s ironic because each house gradually moved closer to the CBD. I’ve lived in Brunswick, Thornbury, Collingwood, Fitzroy and now finally we’re in the CBD. Every weekend I would always catch a tram into the city. I just love the city so much. So finally living in it is amazing,” he said.

While Pieces is a Lego man, his adventures appeal to all generations.

Kalani even shared that most of his followers were adults.

Be sure to keep an eye on this teen in the near future, as his filmmaking dreams become a reality.

Kalani won the top prize at Trop Junior last year for his film Chance and has high hopes of either becoming a director or an actor.

As for Pieces, you can keep updated right here each month to see where he’s been and what’s going on in Melbourne.

He will help you create your own city adventure.

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