A living testimony

A living testimony

When the civil war broke out in South Sudan, the only solution was to escape for David Delfin.

Trying to find somewhere to start a new life, Mr Delfin relocated multiple times before finding refuge in Australia.

“I was born in South Sudan then migrated to Uganda as a toddler with my grandmother and grandfather due to the civil war that was happening in South Sudan between 1983 and 2005, where I spent my young years, and in my early teens, I migrated to Australia.”

Today, the CBD resident has discovered himself and is striving in three career pathways in Australia.

“My grandmother and grandfather were the reason I came to Australia, and [they’re] whom I owe all my success to, it was out of a desire to give me and my siblings a better life,” he said.

“The goal is to inspire young people to understand that where they come from does not define who they are, and that the world is their oyster.”

“Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in with a lot of opportunities around”.

“Being a fashion consultant at Fallasi Australia, I have had the opportunity to dress-up some of the best professionals in the city. From real estate agents, lawyers, office suits, weddings suits and so on. I also work for MCM (Melbourne City Mission) which focuses on homelessness, justice and family services.”



He continued to build momentum after launching his book titled, The Yoke Breaker: Conquering Fear, which is “about how one can break free from fear in order to live to their full potential”.

He said his Christian and ethnic communities, including non-religious people, located both in Melbourne and interstate, had benefited from The Yoke Breaker.

“I have been invited to schools, community events, churches, interstate (Brisbane andPerth), “Unlocking Your Purpose and Destiny” events in Perth,” he said.

“From the places that I have been to, I have received enormous support from the communities and able to spark a conversation about people’s stories about how they conquer their fear and how the book has awakened them.”

Delfin is determined to maintain the strong connections he built with his ethnic, fashion and spiritual community.

“By nature, I am a very curious person and one who has an interest in different things, as such, it’s much easier to connect with different forms whether spirituality, fashion or community engagement.” •


Caption: David Delfin is grateful for the opportunities he has been given in Australia.

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