A match made in heaven

By Tamara Clark

Two-and-a-half-year-old spoodle Charlie loves to play tug of war with his owner, Caitlyn. The pair are a “match made in heaven”, she told CBD News last month. They get along fantastically well because both of them are both big time explorers. 

While Melbourne has always been home to Charlie, it hasn’t been so for Caitlyn and she said a perfect day for the couple was spent together scoping out new areas of the city and sometimes beyond. 

Charlie loves the feeling of freedom and loves to be let off his lead when he can. Both Charlie and Caitlyn have ventured through each of the city’s parks. And although he stays on a lead at Flagstaff Gardens, it is still his favourite park to play in because there is so much to investigate. 

Safety is paramount to Caitlyn. Charlie is a small creature and his enthusiasm can sometimes be taken as a threat! This little guy is camera shy but will do anything for treats. 

“Charlie is an incomparable animal,” Caitlyn said. Being an animal lover, she has had many beautiful connections with dogs, but her relationship with Charlie holds the biggest and most special place in her heart •

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