A Nugget of fun

By Emma Hartley

One-year-old mini dachshund Nugget provided a much-needed burst of happiness for Mimi Cao last year.

“She’s a COVID puppy,” Ms Cao said. “She’s definitely brought a lot of happiness during COVID. She helped us release anxiety – she’s a very lovely girl.” 

A few lockdowns later and Nugget has finally been able to express her outgoing personality.

“She likes to walk in the park, play fetch and socialise with other dogs,” Ms Cao said.

While Mimi was talking to CBD News, Nugget tugged at the leash, apparently keen to play frisbee with another dog four times her size.

Mimi said Nugget’s eagerness was surprising.

“Usually dachshunds are very independent,” she said. “Nugget normally socialises with dogs around her size.” 

While Nugget has had her “crazy” moments, Mimi said that most of the time she was sweet and well-behaved. 

“She’s even more social with people than other dogs,” Mimi said.

But like most canines, the best way to win Nugget’s affection is through her stomach.

“She loves eating chicken and beef,” Ms Cao said. “But her favourite treat is a Bow-Wow stick.” •

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