A part-time working dog on Elizabeth St

A part-time working dog on Elizabeth St

Yogurt enticed me in for a haircut. She stood still behind the glass door of Supercut.

Supercut is a hair salon on Elizabeth St, and Yogurt was looking out eagerly with her wide and alert eyes. Her presence reminded me that maybe it was the right time for a haircut. 

Yogurt, a one-and-half-year-old Welsh corgi, has been the star staff-member ever since lockdowns lifted. Her role includes going to work with her owner Vinz Ho twice a week, lying with short stubby legs anywhere on the ground (as long as it’s not on the cut hair), and sprinting down to customers for a cuddle whenever they come in. Everyone working in the salon jokes she’s a solicitor dog. And that’s true. I am one of the happy customers who’s more than willing to pay.

Vinz took her home in the endless boredom of the lockdown. The kid was smart in a sense that surprised him. She instantly knew how to pee on the diaper and use the toilet for poop, saving her owner the trouble of exercising by mopping the floor. She could memorise routes for daily walks. She showed a great passion for food by quickly responding to every reward-based training. No treat, no need to react. 

The third time Yogurt tore apart her mattress-like bed, Vinz realised the dog needed some distraction. She must be bored staying at home alone. That’s how she was hired in the first place. 

Stylists in the salon speak highly of her professionalism. “She gives a warm welcome to everyone. She loves customers to rub her belly. Sometimes she would lie at the foot of customers,” Vin said, “but most of the time she only psyches up for three seconds and goes back to her normal.” While the short-lived focus does not stop her charm.  

Yogurt has gained some weight in recent months and now looks like a chubby French loaf. Vinz said he just took her to the vet for a regular examination and he was very surprised that the doctor said Yogurt was slim. “Whatever. The vet said she is very healthy, and that’s the most important thing,” Vinz said. 

While I was noting down the cute little stories of Vinz and Yogurt, the standing-eared dog, cuddling up against me on the sofa, was so occupied with biting the tail of my pen. She was apparently enjoying herself in the workplace. 

Next time when you pass by Supercut on Elizabeth St, say hi to Yogurt for me.  • 

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