A royal couple 

By Kathryn Lewis

Janni and Sofia walk their two Jack Russell pups twice a day near their CBD home. 

Janni said walking the dogs was their escape from the bustle of the city.

“This is our breathing space,” she said.

11-year-old Prince Phillip and seven-year-old Angel are both rescue dogs from the Jack Russell Rescue Association and have been with Janni and Sofia since they were five and six-years-old respectively.

“Angel is not the easiest dog,” Sofia said.

The two pups get along quite well, but Angel’s wariness of other dogs means Janni can’t talk to other dog owners along the walk.

“She is very reactive to others dogs unfortunately, there is quite a collection of people who walk their dogs. I would love to talk to them but I can’t,” Janni said.

Prince Phillip’s royal title came from his original name, Prince, given to him by the rescue association.

Janni added the Phillip in honour of the real-life Prince Phillip.

“Poor old bugger had to walk behind the queen, so I thought why not,” she said.

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