A step too far for Flinders Lane residents

A proposal floated last year to turn a Flinders Lane bar into a nightclub was quickly met with a cascade of backlash from embittered residents.

The application to turn the Randy Dragon at 313 Flinders Lane into a nightclub with live music was submitted to the City of Melbourne in December. 

Exasperated by pre-existing issues, residents lamented what they described as a lack of respect.

Objections were quickly posted by residents of the area who complained of pre-existing issues with the applicant venue and the broader area.

A resident overlooking Flinders Court said the area had become a “dismal all-night den of drunkenness, human waste, noise, trash and thieves.”

Another said they thought the venue’s current operation and impact on the area should be investigated.

“My family has an apartment in Bligh Place opposite the proposed venue alteration. We form a growing community of people who have chosen to reside in the city, and I believe our combined presence contributes to making Melbourne the special city it is,” the resident said.

“We understand the need and enjoy that we share the space with other people who are involved with the city in other uses, workers, café owners etc … the venue in question is already over-dominant in the area – they and their patrons do not respect the ecosystem that has been generated by our combined presence.”

The resident’s complaint went on to highlight the high density of residential space in the area and said the council should not have a “free-for-all” policy allowing venues to develop “without restriction.”

Another resident of Bligh Place, directly opposite the venue, said, “the residential nature of Bligh Place, stretching back to the 1990s, should be respected.”

Residents complained of venue management showing “zero consideration” for residents, allowing overflow of patrons into Mill Place and little attempt to prevent noise pollution, as well as smoke alarms being set off by the venue’s smoking area.

They also said the venue was not equipped to host live music, operating without an acoustic barrier and with only single glazed windows.

A spokesperson from the City of Melbourne said it would be inappropriate to comment as the application was still being assessed.

CBD News contacted the business for comment but did not receive a response.

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