A true pioneer in Melbourne’s boutique property market

By Jack Hayes

With almost 24 years specialising in Melbourne’s boutique, heritage and premier residential property market, Gina Donazzan knows a thing or two about high-end real estate. 

Having founded Melbourne Boutique Property 15 years ago, Ms Donazzan is now operating under the banner of Donazzan Boutique Property; Melbourne’s premier agency for bespoke and heritage homes.  

By providing the most unique and tailored advice to her clients, Ms Donazzan has seen the sale of more than 563 properties in Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding suburbs. 

From her breathtaking heritage office on Flinders St, Ms Donazzan told CBD News her pursuit to avoid being your “typical real estate agency” shone through in everything she did.

“We deal with clients who have large property portfolios as well as clients who have a single property,” Ms Donazzan said. “For me, it’s just as important for us to look after that person with one property to that person with a number of properties.”

“Whether it be a little one bedroom or a whole floor penthouse, it doesn’t matter. It is the same service for every client I have. We aren’t all big bells and whistles and carry on. What we list we sell, and we do it in record time.”

Ms Donazzan’s personal and professional approach has seen her thrive in an industry where competition is the name of the game.

Despite this fierce competition, Ms Donazzan is unwavering in attitude and commitment to instil her clients with the most pertinent and honest advice possible. 

“Say what you mean and mean what you say, is a mantra that is very important to me. We do that in everything we do,” she said. 

“Sometimes it means we may miss a property because a potential client wants to hear something else, but we won’t do that just to please, we need to stay true to our brand and true to our word.”

“We can’t list everything, I know that. But we work very hard to list as many properties as we possibly can within our boutique property brand.”

Having launched in February 2020, Donazzan Boutique Property has grown to a team of eight, including the recent acquisition of well-known Melbourne agent, Kim Davey. 

“Kim and I are old friends and colleagues, someone who I have huge respect for from the moment I met him. I just admire him because of his work ethic and integrity,” Ms Donazzan said. 

“As a director he will bring the perfect fit for the business and complement us in every way.”

Born from a growing voice among her clients, Ms Donazzan has added property management to her list of services, making Donazzan Boutique Property a truly full-service agency. 

According to Ms Donazzan, starting a new business amid a growing global pandemic certainly presented some challenges, but out of that adversity she has seen her business grow from strength to strength.

“With COVID, it was hard. I had clients who wanted to put their property on the market, but I had to tell them to wait. We thought it was best to wait until lockdowns were eased and my clients were so supportive and willing to follow my advice,” she said. 

“Then when the time was right, we put those properties on the market and they were sold in record time.”

“My market is quite unique in the sense that it doesn’t feel the effects of financial crisis like other property markets may. I have been around long enough to witness events like the recession and the global financial crisis; high-end, quality heritage buildings, have always remained steady throughout.”

As is the case for many people, purchasing their first property is one of the biggest moments of their lives. That fact is not lost on Ms Donazzan, who prides herself on bestowing the best quality advice to all of her clients regardless of circumstances. 

It is an authenticity and old-fashioned attitude that has overseen the sale of Melbourne’s most distinctive and distinguished luxury homes. 

“Interestingly, residents within my market always gravitate towards a similar type of real estate because they appreciate what boutique heritage buildings offer; they are low density, predominantly owner occupied with beautiful architectural features that people fall in love with,” Ms Donazzan said. 

“I have a huge mix of clients, all who understand the value in quality. In one case I have had clients who have lived in their building for 35 years.” 

“Some clients that have always loved living in the city, and always will. Then I have clients who have lived in the leafy suburbs who want to make the transition into the city because they find themselves as empty nesters and they love the idea having the city at their doorstep.” •

For more information visit, donazzanboutiqueproperty.com.au 

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