A very strong Chihuahua

By Kevin Jingga

Jessica encountered her four-year-old pet Chihuahua Adriana by chance but once they met, she determined to do all she could to save her.

The dog was obviously suffering terribly from a huge stomach hernia and the pet shop refused to pay for an operation.

“When I met her, I do not want her to die. If I can use my money to save her life, why not?” Jessica asked.

“I was thinking maybe she could survive, so I brought her home on that day,” she said.

“I can’t even get a pet insurance for her operations because she has a pre-existing condition.”

Without having owned a dog in the past, Jessica had to learn everything from scratch.

Unfortunately, she fed Adriana bones and this resulted in a $1100 vet bill.

But, despite everything, Jessica treats Adriana like her own family member.

“We have dinner together, basically she sits in front of us. She knows exactly when you treat her not as part of you, she will cry,” she said.

And there have been a lot of heart-breaking moments.

“Her bones in her feet were broken after she jumped, because she was panicking,” she said.

“From the tummy to the hand, she had operations before. She was bitten in this park by other dogs.”

“This one is even worse,” she said, showing her right eye.

“While we were on holiday, a university student become our pet sitter and took my dog to her home. And this accident happened that caused her right eye to be permanently blind.”

“She was crying when she saw me,” she said.

She also said that her Chihuahua did not go to school because she wanted a strong relationship and an “unforced” one.

“If you spend time with them, they will understand you.”

Adriana is now in a good condition, mentally and physically, despite all of the traumatic experiences that had happened to her.

“She is a very strong dog.”

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