The accidental spread of joy

By Evan Garnes

On a sunny day in Flagstaff Gardens, we came across 18-month-year-old Maruko and her owner Kitman Ho.

The samoyed was extra eager to get into the park and make new friends, but stopped briefly to say hello.

“She is always ready to run up to people to give them a friendly hello and get to know them,” Kitman said.

It was never Kitman’s plan to get a dog while being a student but, when she laid eyes on Maruko, she couldn’t resist.

“Originally it was my friend who had decided to get a puppy, but the guy she bought it from bought two. When I saw Maruko I knew I had to give her a home,” she said.

Kitman is a student at Victoria University and, while she attends classes, Maruko is patiently waiting at home in their CBD apartment.

As we are talking another dog walks by and Maruko is quick to make another friend. As the pair is playfully running around each other, Kitman said: “She really is more like a child, she is so caring and lively.”

Just as we finish our conversation Maruko eagerly lets us know that she is now ready to bounce further into Flagstaff Gardens and keep on playing.

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