Active dog the perfect companion

By Kate Mani 

For toy poodle cross terrier Oreo, there’s nothing better than having a run with other dogs. 

Her owner Nick Jiang laughs as he tells how his eight-month-old bundle of fur has recently started chasing dogs, not only in the park, but also on TV.

“We were watching David Attenborough … there was a pack of dogs in the episode and she started chasing left and right, everywhere they ran around the TV, thinking they were behind there and checking where those dogs went,” Mr Jiang said.

Oreo’s love of running has, however, almost landed her in strife. She recently ran onto King St after Mr Jiang let her off her lead in Flagstaff Gardens.

“Maybe she got distracted by something on the road, she ran all the way to the road,” he says. “I just ran in front of traffic to stop the cars, she was in the middle of the traffic. She wouldn’t come back to me!”

Most of the time Oreo is well behaved and on the day she met CBD News, she looked sprightly with a fresh haircut and a playful energy. A curious dog, she is always ready to play.

“Every time she sees a dog she just goes up to them. She gets really excited,” Mr Jiang said. “Even when they’re angry at her she still thinks they’re playing.”

Just as she likes socialising with other furry friends, Mr Jiang said that having a dog had added another layer to his friendships with his dog-loving pals.

“A lot of my friends have dogs too so we bring them all together sometimes,” he said. “It’s something different, instead of just catching up for a coffee or going out for dinner we catch up with the dogs. There is something extra to it.”

Welcoming Oreo into his life has been the realisation of a childhood dream for Mr Jiang. “I’ve always been a dog person. I always wanted one when I lived with my parents but they didn’t want one at home so as soon as I moved out I got a dog.”

Since then he has grown used to Oreo’s company and couldn’t imagine not having her presence at home.

“It makes me happier. If I’m home alone and my partner is not there, it’s not lonely. Oreo is a companion, that’s what it is.”

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