Airport rail link could be a reality

By William Arnott

The State Government has said $10 million will be spent on developing a plan that could link the City Loop to Melbourne Airport.

The plan will seek the best way of structuring such a link.

Infrastructure Victoria estimates that an airport rail link would take anywhere between 15 and 30 years and could cost up to $5 billion.

The proposed plan is intending to find ways to make this cheaper and faster through a variety of methods.

Taxpayers won’t be the only source of funding as the State Government is considering a partnership with the private sector.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said: “A new rail line is a huge investment and needs to be planned properly – that’s what this investment is all about.”

“The plan will look at how we can save money and deliver an airport link sooner by partnering with the private sector.”

“We’re planning for a rail line to the airport while we get on with the project that makes it possible – the Metro Tunnel,” she said.

Currently it would cost an estimated $65 for a taxi fare from the CBD to Melbourne Airport while the Skybus costs $19.

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