Alex’s dream school

CBD resident Alex Weaner might be able to show school planners a thing or two.

The eight-year-old was named one of the winners of a “design your dream city school” competition in June.

Alex explained that his design featured a playground, cross-country running track, fruit and vegetable garden and swimming pool.

The competition was held by lobby group City Schools 4 City Kids (CS4CK), which is campaigning for more government primary and secondary schools in the inner city.

RMIT academic and guest judge Enza Angelucci, from Angelucci Architects, described Alex’s design as a “insightful” and commended him on considering the needs of both younger and older students.

Other winners included nine-year-old Banjo Moses from Hawthorn East and Gabrielle Brennan, Halliday Smith, Joshua Sarwono and Patrick Tymms (Room 9) from Gowrie Victoria Docklands.

CS4CK spokesperson Denise Fung-Henderson said entries had been received from pre-school and primary school students across Docklands, the CBD and inner-city suburbs.

“It was interesting to see how the schools designed were very traditional, spread-out schools,” she said.

“Many of the children still see schools as a place with plenty of space to play, compared to what will most likely happen in the city which will be a vertical school.”

“It shows kids still really want open space and somewhere to play in their dream school,” Ms Fung-Henderson said.

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