Are you gonna be my girl?

Jet, a Melbourne-born-and-bred, nine-year-old black miniature poodle, is a city pup by nature.

Not to be confused with the iconic early 2000s Australian band, Jet shares a love of inner city living with her owner, Chris Hughes.

Chris and his wife have recently moved to a Queen St apartment, however, they have lived centrally for more than 15 years, having previously resided in the North and West Melbourne locales.

It seems Jet has no qualms about the fast-paced, rock star life of the CBD, having rapidly familiarised herself with the lights and sounds of the area.

“She copes no worries whatsoever. She just sort of wanders along next to you,” Mr Hughes said of his rock star pup.

“She loves the city and just loves all of the action and movement.”

Jet is not the only pup who feels at ease roaming the city’s streets – the Hugheses have found a large contingent of dog owners in their apartment building, which has evolved into a small community of kindred spirits.

Often dog owners in the apartment block meet each other on walks at Flagstaff Gardens, their local grassy knoll. 

“My wife takes her out early in the morning and she catches up with other friends who have dogs. And then I’ll bring her out again in the afternoon,” Chris said.

It’s clear from Jet’s “get back stare” that she’s a totally cool and poised pup, ready to take the hustle and bustle of the city in her stride.

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