Bad taste

I note there is usually very little in this lightweight paper, especially reading the latest edition. Rarely is there anything about the homeless adorning the streets of Melbourne.

All the spruiking electoral candidates carefully sidestepped any reference to this huge problem. Or perhaps I missed it?

Whatever the public and traders think about this situation of the homeless, it is nevertheless confronting and disturbing and distressing as the problem seems to be growing.

Consequently, it is in extremely bad taste to find a vacuous article featuring a young woman from Hong Kong who obviously just doesn’t know what to do with her life, having SO much money, (“her monthly allowance can easily exceed a person’s savings”) partying and drinking, having to console herself with distractions like Prada and Louis Vuitton, dreading the day she may actually have to work for a living!

There are many hundreds of students throughout the city who I am sure are not in this position, and would find this article as tacky as I did.

I am equally sure she is not representative of the “newcomers” either. That would be a sad indictment.

There are students from other countries besides Hong Kong, who have struggling parents, putting all their money into their children’s education whilst they are in Australia.

There are hundreds of young people from India and Pakistan whose lives are not easy and indulgent and who can hardly afford breakfast.

Perhaps your magazine could spend a bit of time interviewing some of these students, and we could read something of substance for a change.


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Ashley Davies

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