Balance for rooftop bars

To whom it may concern,

I am a subscriber to CBD News and a CBD resident.

I observed your article on January 22 this year, “Loop Bar extension rejected”. You suggested the case also highlighted ambiguities in the city’s rooftop regulations. You also indicated Mr Bunny said the rooftop had been designed to provide acoustic protection. 
My feedback on this matter is …

a) There is no ambiguity as to the trading hours to roof tops. The Council policy grants permits to sell alcohol until 1.00 am on rooftops as is the case with Good Heavens, The Imperial and Madame Brussels. Management of Loop are well aware of this limitation.

b) The acoustic protection designed is one thing, though Mr Bunny or his team cannot be expected to control noise once patrons spill out onto the street. This is why the unambiguous licence regulations exist in the CBD. The Loop has an existing permit well beyond 1.00am downstairs in the same premises.

c) The public has many other premises in the CBD to drink beyond 1.00am. Let’s strike a reasonable balance and not bring this to rooftops.


Thank you

I wanted to thank you for your article about residents in lockdown, I really enjoyed reading it. 

The CBD has a bit of a lack of community groups for CBD residents, especially on social media, so it was a nice chance to feel connection with a neighbour.

It’s a weird period to be in the CBD and it’s lovely to hear of others around the corner and how they’re approaching it!

Lynn sounds like a beautiful character and we have a lot in common.

I also live by myself in the CBD. In fact, if I was a floor or two higher, we would almost be able to wave at each other from our windows, around the edges of the new Paragon building.

I also love yoga, in fact I trained as a teacher a few years back. (It’s not my occupation though, I work as a concierge in a CBD corporate building).

I love reading and can’t wait to get back to City Library.

I love watching the world going by from the vantage point of my window.

I’d love to connect with Lynn if that’s something she’s open to. 

It’s always nice to have a friend in the neighbourhood, especially someone who can check in during this period!

Thank you!


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