Bosco’s silver lining

By Aphrodite Feros-Fooke

An overcast Melbourne day was the perfect weather for Bosco, a seven-year-old Teacup Pomeranian, and Sam to enjoy Flagstaff Gardens. 

“I like the cold and he prefers it. His fur is so dense that direct sun makes him tired,” Sam said.  

Jetsetter Bosco moved from Perth eight months ago to live with Sam and his partner in the CBD, near Southern Cross Station. 

“He has flown a couple of times before but doesn’t love it,” he said.

He was previously living with Sam’s partner’s family.

Despite originally being from Perth, Bosco has never been in the ocean. 

Sam plans to take him to the beach at some point. 

“We can’t wash him too much, he’s very high maintenance, so we need to plan it just before a wash.”

Teacup Pomeranians are prone to developing a cough so you will always see Bosco in his harness instead of a collar to “avoid direct pressure on his throat”.  With the harness matching his colouring, Bosco has managed to make this practical measure double as a fashion choice.

The stylish pair visit a new park every few weeks, but Bosco is particularly fond of the Botanical Gardens. 

He can often be found scavenging for food to ensure he hasn’t missed anything.

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