Bruno’s a fan of Flagstaff

By Tamara Clark

Nine-month-old Cavoodle Bruno’s favourite hangout is right here in the CBD, according to his owner Yui. 

While he doesn’t frequent a wide range of parks, Flagstaff Gardens is definitely one of his top picks. Yiu told CBD News that the duo enjoyed strolling through the park twice a day

Bruno is Yui’s aunt’s pet. However, the two have developed an unbreakable connection during the past five weeks while he has been in her care. 

“He is almost always happy,” Yui said. 

“He is very friendly with other animals and only barks when he wants attention.”

With fetch being one of Bruno’s favourite hobbies, Yui said she wished the council would build a small fence around the park so pets could play together off leash. “He [Bruno] wants to play games at the park but he is limited,” she said. 

Bruno is the definition of a quality friend; positive, fun and always up for a hug! •

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