Caring for our city’s lost dogs

Summer nights and balmy days bring sensational festive celebrations in our city. For our dogs however, the bangs of fireworks and loud concerts can strike terror. 

When dogs are found lost in the CBD, they’re collected and sheltered by the Lost Dogs’ Home in North Melbourne. The shelter rescued 550 pets for the City of Melbourne last financial year.

“Attempting to dig a hole in the closet or hiding under the bed is a dog’s way of escaping the loud noise,” said Ally Brown from The Lost Dogs’ Home.

“Dogs have an incredible hearing range – three times that of your average human – so they’re easily startled and will even flee from squealing truck brakes on our city streets.”

Summer is the busiest time for lost dogs as owners take to the city streets with their pets to enjoy concerts in the park or a pint at the local pub.  

“If your dog should flee in fright, chances are it will be rescued by The Lost Dogs’ Home,” Ally said. 

“Our shelter and adoption centres take responsibility for stray, abandoned and surrendered pets on behalf of the City of Melbourne, and with our animal rescue ambulances operating 24/7, you could be reunited with your dog the same day.”

“If your dog or cat escapes, our staff provide them with comfy bedding, nutritious food and water, and loads of TLC while we track you down.”

To find your lost pet, The Lost Dogs’ Home suggests:

Have access to your pet’s microchip number or council tag number on your mobile;

Call The Lost Dogs’ Home to register your lost dog on 9329 2755. The council tag is crucial to identify your pet;

Check the lost dogs section of our website where all strays are listed; and

Don’t forget the power of social media and list your lost pooch on Facebook too.

If you do find a distressed pup wandering the city streets, the North Melbourne shelter’s staff will welcome him or her with open arms.

“Sadly, summer is a time when owners will consider surrendering their pets as they move overseas or interstate. Please surrender them to The Lost Dogs’ Home as our adoption centre will find them a new, happy home on your behalf,” Ally said.

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