Caught out

By Rhonda Dredge

Who was that sitting enigmatically at a table trying to look anonymous? Was it a celebrity author working on her next book?

Degreaves St is full of colour and you can see local celebrities out and about that tourists might miss. 

On a Tuesday last month a famous artist came out of Senior’s art shop wearing a long casual shirt over baggy pants.

He headed south towards Flinders St. He didn’t have a shopping bag in his hands. 

A few minutes later a famous comic actor walked in the opposite direction towards the CBD. His step was more hesitant, bold yet circumspect at the same time. 

The actor has been on TV for many years and he is memorable for his part in Very Small Business, a spoof on the hazards of taking yourself too seriously when you’re trying to make a dollar.

No-one wants to take themselves too seriously these days. That’s why they love to get away from the PR people by merging into the crowd in the city.

Bad Luck! CBD News had spotters out and it can be revealed that the famous artist who was seen coming out of an art shop on Tuesday, April 14 at about noon was Lewis Miller.

He’s well known as a portraitist in the more modernist style with great brushwork and a feel for paint. He was also a war artist at some time this century. 

He swiftly disappeared without giving an interview. So did Kim Gyngell.

The reveal is one of journalism’s greatest tools, not that a very small newspaper such as CBD News would want to make a song and dance out of a tool of the trade. 

There were a few other significant people around complaining about the train service to Frankston. “It takes two and a half days,” said one but he didn’t want to go on the record.

How pleasant it is to work undercover in the city looking for stories. On a quiet news day there’s nothing better than outing a few celebrities who are trying to hide away.

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