CBD crime rate down

By Shilan Pan

Crime in the CBD has dropped since 2016, according to newly-released Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) data.

The overall postcode 3000 crime figure fell from 16,275 recorded incidents in 2017 to 15,995 in 2018 – the lowest since 2016, and almost the same as the 2015 rate. 

Some 2314 “crimes against the person” were recorded, exactly the same number as in 2016. 

The number of reported crimes of “property and deception” dropped from 8622 in 2017 to 7871 in 2018. The figure of “other offences” was 38 in 2018, which is only one less than in 2017. 

But not all categories were down. “Drug offences” have increased since 2015. Last year, 872 cases were reported, compared with 690 in 2015, 729 in 2016 and 839 in 2017.

The figure for “public order and security offences” is up from 2371 in 2017 to 2641 in 2018. And the number of “justice procedures offences” is up from 2073 in 2017 to 2286 in 2018.

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