Celebrating Asian Heritage Week in Melbourne


Asian Heritage Week (AHW) is set to paint Melbourne with the colours of Asia from June 3 to June 9, offering a week-long array of events that celebrate the vibrant mosaic of Asian culture.

Spearheaded by the Asian Hustle Network and led by its Australian President Ngoc Le, the event invites Melburnians and visitors to engage in the cultural diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of the Asian community.

Highlight events include:

  • Matsumura Blues Festival: think 'Big Day Out' but with blues and rock, showcasing top Australian and international artists blending their tunes with some traditional Okinawan and Japanese artists , including the international headliner Okinawa Americana.
  • Seoul Market by EziStreat supported the Consulate of the Republic of Korea: Explore Korean goods and delicacies as well cultural performances.
  • Peace Kitchen Yumcha Event: A thought-provoking dinner at Yum Sing House as we delve into Asian identity, cultural heritage, and navigating life as migrants in Australia.
  • A Toast to Women in Business:A networking event celebrating 'Women in Business' within the Asian community.
  • Culinary Delights: Discover special menus and cocktail promotions at local favourites such as Manchuria Bar, Bar Clara, and Yumsing House.

These are just a few of the many celebrations spread across Melbourne, each offering a unique taste and experience of Asian heritage.

"I am honoured to lead such a significant celebration of our culture," Ms Le said.

 "Asian Heritage Week is not just about enjoying the diverse culture we have here in Melbourne — it's also about recognising and appreciating the contributions of Asian Australians to our society's fabric."

Asian Heritage Week, initially founded in the United States, is celebrated in major cities like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., with various events and activities honouring Asian heritage and culture. Additionally, countries such as Canada, and the United Kingdom also observe Asian Heritage Month, recognising and honouring the contributions of Asian communities worldwide.

Experience the dynamic tapestry of Asian culture right here in Melbourne during Asian Heritage Week! Dive into a week filled with captivating events and cultural experiences that celebrate the rich heritage of Asian communities.

Everyone is welcome to join in the festivities, and the media are invited to capture the excitement of this cultural extravaganza.

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