Charity muggers 

By Jack Hayes

Donating for charity is supposed be an act of kindness and compassion, however a new breed of overly aggressive and incredibly intrusive "charity muggers" are plaguing the streets of Melbourne.

It has been reported that about 85 per cent of all first year donations end up in the accounts of recruitment companies, hired by charities, to employ the muggers.

According to a City of Melbourne spokesperson, complaints about street fundraising increased from 25 and 26 in 2013 and 2014 respectively, to 31 in 2015 – a roughly 20 per cent increase.

The most common complaints received were passers-by feeling harassed as they walked past, a perception that there are too many fundraising activities and in wrong locations and businesses claiming that fundraisers put their customers off.

Although only 31 complaints may seem like a small number in the scheme of things, it is a clear indication of discontent.

In all, there are 26 designated locations across the CBD where chuggers are allowed to spruik their given charity, on a maximum of 40 days per charity, per year.

When you think of charities such as Oxfam, Cancer Council Victoria, World Vision and UNICEF, you think of lives they have saved and the good they are doing.

You do not want to be thinking of some tanned drifter hustling you for money, and you definitely do not want to be thinking of some fat cat recruitment company CEO getting their hands on some of your hard earned.

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