Citizenship is in demand

By Shantelle-Ann Marquis

108 Melbourne residents officially became citizens on August 23.

Since September 2006, more than 6600 Melbourne residents have become citizens and, out of that number, 815 people had their ceremony after Australia Day 2017.

The City of Melbourne has held 10 citizenship ceremonies and two “super ceremonies” to keep up demand from new applicants.

The number of applicants has risen from 60 per month in 2016 to 110-120 per month on average this year.

China has been the biggest contributor with 1310 citizens but Indian nationals haven’t been far behind with 838 new citizens, twice as many since 2015.

The third highest contributor is the United Kingdom with 560 citizens since 2006.  There are 471 new citizens from Malaysia, 302 from Hong Kong and 254 from Indonesia.

Melbourne is home to people that speak 260 languages, have 135 different faiths come from over 200 countries such as: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

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