City Square gets a new (temporary) shed

City Square is one of three construction sites for the Metro Tunnel Project’s new Town Hall station. 

If you’ve walked past recently, you would’ve seen a large shed now covers much of the site. 

The acoustic shed is a temporary structure designed to minimise construction impacts such as noise, dust and light during major construction. 

The shed is around 23 metres wide, 90 metres long and 18 metres high and is made with large, concrete panels that reduce noise for nearby residents and businesses.  

The shed will be in place for the next few years while we continue to excavate the new station.

Inside the City Square shed, excavation of an access shaft is underway, before a road header arrives on site in coming months. The road header is a specialist piece of excavation equipment that will be assembled on site 30 metres underground then launched to start excavation of the new station cavern. 

State Library station update  

Major construction is continuing at the northern end of Swanston St at the site of the new State Library station. 

The new station will improve access to some of the Melbourne’s most popular destinations, including the State Library of Victoria, RMIT and Queen Victoria Market, and cater for the area’s growing student population.

To build the new station, excavation works are required at five sites across Melbourne’s CBD – Franklin St East, Franklin St West, A’Beckett St, La Trobe St and Little La Trobe St. 

Construction of a new temporary acoustic shed on Franklin St West is also underway. 

The shed, measuring 50 metres long and coloured red to blend in with the nearby buildings, will help minimise construction impacts including noise, light and dust during 24-hour excavation works. 

The team will be excavating a 31-metre-deep shaft at this site, which will connect to the main station cavern being built under Swanston St. 

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