Co-working space re-imagined

If you’re looking for a new office, it’s worth considering that private offices in co-working spaces can provide a meaningful alternative to conventional spaces.

As it happens, Fitzroy is getting its very own purpose-built co-working space, the company’s called United Co.

Its aim is to provide an inspired space that supports workers in this new age of work life. The move to these types of spaces is fuelled by a need to control our environment, to have more flexibility, to seek out quiet spaces to think or find more engaging spaces to work, balanced with the opportunity to collaborate and socialise.

United Co. representative Charles Vass said: “We spend a large amount of our time at work so it makes sense to make it productive and meaningful and the work environment plays a large part".

“We’re breathing new life into an iconic building, built in 1932 to serve as our flagship space. It is being thoughtfully re-imagined to reflect the needs of a new generation. From every aspect, this will be a first-class workspace, tailored to support individuals and business owners in their work life journey” he said.

Conveniently located at 425 Smith St, the space is just a short tram or bike ride from the CBD and has a diverse blend of cafes and restaurants at its doorstep. Once inside, members can manage their busy day with ways to relax and stay centred.

From the ground floor, they’ll enter a fabulous double height space, surrounded by beautiful contrasting textures. The amenities include a communal kitchen, a gym with treadmills and bikes, a wellness space for yoga and a parents room. There’s space for storing your bike if you prefer riding to work and 5-star end of trip/shower facilities are available as well.

When it comes to work, there are multiple meeting rooms, a boardroom, training room and a large event space, all bookable through a member portal.

Mr Vass said comfort and focus are at the core of United Co.’s offering for its members.

“Members need to feel comfortable and be able to concentrate to get their work done,” he said. “We understand the challenges of working in a busy office. We all need a level of privacy and minimal distraction."

"With that in mind, we’ve optimised the space to create a balance between private offices and the collaborative areas. We aspire to create environments where members love to work and are equally happy just to hang out in. Ultimately, we want to provide a great destination for productivity, growth and happiness.”

United Co. welcomes a diverse range of businesses, whether they’re startups or established companies looking to get the most out of a collaborative and supportive environment.

“Businesses will have space to grow and have an interesting mix of people and a blend of different industries to collaborate with,” We want to empower businesses by providing them with high quality amenities, functional spaces and a thriving community to connect with.” Mr Vass said.

United Co. is set to launch in Fitzroy in February. To learn more, contact United Co. on 03 7018 8888 or visit

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