Corporate catering in the CBD

Corporate catering in the CBD

It was 1991 and Elizabeth and Andrew Dunoon set out to achieve the Australian dream of owning their own home and business.

What started back then as Hannigan’s Cafe in Lonsdale St has today evolved into the highly-successful Elizabeth Andrews Corporate Catering.

Andrew recalls that in 1991, business was going from strength to strength until a recession wiped out many firms overnight.

“I couldn’t believe it, 50 per cent of our customers had relocated from our area. The 12-storey building we were in was empty, as was the 14-storey building across the road," Mr Dunoon said.

While the catering element of the business continued to thrive, the cafe element fell away.

They soon realised that a 100 per cent focus on catering was the way to go.

"Because we wouldn’t be distracted by our retail cafe trade, we could deliver a standard of catering that others could only dream of."

The solution?

To close the cafe and move to bigger premises.

  They moved to 230 King St which resulted in further unprecedented growth thus forcing another move to the even-bigger current premises at 309 King St.

"State of the art, custom-designed and bang in the heart of the CBD!" Mr Dunoon said.

"Our customers love the fact that we are so close, that we are 100 per cent focused on their catering delivery and cannot be distracted by retail cafe trade of our own."

In July, 2014 Duncan Scudamore joined the business as a 50 per cent equity partner and general manager.

Duncan has taken responsibility for the management of the company and is injecting his years of big caterer experience into Elizabeth Andrews.

We’ve all heard that old chestnut “we’re unique in the industry”, well in this case Elizabeth Andrews is true to form.

Elizabeth Andrews is the only company that guarantees on-time delivery - if it’s late, it’s free – no questions asked.

No dedicated catering business has its central production kitchen in the heart of the CBD. Elizabeth Andrews' central location in King St means it is perfectly placed to deliver last minute orders.

It takes food safety seriously so 100 per cent of their vans are refrigerated.

With no retail cafe trade to distract them their clients take comfort in the fact that they always turn up – guaranteed.

If you’ve never used Elizabeth Andrews before and you mention CBD News, they’ll give you $50 off your first order over $200.

For more, see or ring 9670 4361.

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