Council extends MPavilion 10 until 2025

Council extends MPavilion 10 until 2025

City of Melbourne councillors have unanimously supported extending MPavilion 10’s life in Queen Victoria Gardens until June 2025 following a request from the Naomi Milgrom Foundation (NMF).

The extension means the current MPavilion 10 by Japanese architect Tadao Ando will now stay in the gardens for more than a year, despite being due for closure and removal on March 28 and June 9, respectively.

It marks the first time an MPavilion structure will remain in place longer than the usual five-month program during the initiative’s 10-year history, with event organiser NMF arguing it “deserved a longer presence” for “Melburnians and visitors alike to enjoy”.

Tadao Ando is a globally revered figure in contemporary architecture who is recognised for his bold, geometric designs that seamlessly integrate into natural landscapes and his masterful utilisation of concrete.

MPavilion 10 is Mr Ando’s only project in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere and as part of its retention, it’s proposed to remain free and open to the public, 10am to 3pm daily on non-event days, with programming to run from November to March.

Speaking at the Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) meeting on April 9, Lord Mayor Sally Capp said that MPavilion had become a highlight of Melbourne’s event calendar for 10 years, and a “significant element” of the city.

“Architecture is intertwined into the fabric of our city, and MPavilion does an incredible job of reminding us of that,” Cr Capp said.


Being able to admire the work of world-renowned architect Tadao Ando is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – it seems only natural Melburnians enjoy the incredible space for one more year.


The council has previously supported MPavilion with $300,000 in funding and $50,000 of in-kind support annually, however its financial assistance will cease in June as the NMF takes on responsibility for the venue’s operation throughout the extension period.

The report tabled at the April 9 FMC noted that the design community was “divided about the opportunity” to extend, with concerns ranging from waste and sustainability to ongoing safety, presentation, and maintenance of the pavilion.

However, as part of the extension, the NMF has committed to fund and cover all costs associated with security and maintenance and will work with the council to run potential activations within and around MPavilion 10 during off-season (April to October).

At the end of each season, the NMF has made a tradition of gifting structures to the community resulting in seven previous editions relocated as permanent venues across Melbourne.

The NMF has committed to reusing and repurposing MPavilion 10 at the end of the extension period, as well as reinstating the site in line with the terms of the licence and the council’s Domain Parklands Masterplan, which recommends a continuation of the park’s current “ornamental and passive recreation status”. 

“MPavilion has agreed to undertake the funding of all costs relating to security and maintenance and programming – that responsibility has been accepted and we’re appreciative,” Cr Capp said. “It’s the only piece of his architecture that’s in Australia, so that in itself is remarkable and deserving of extension.”

“Giving Melburnians, and this city, and our community an opportunity to continue to value and utilise this extraordinary space is important and deserving of support.” •

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