Disco dog!

By John Tadigiri

“He’s very cheeky” is the first thing owner Teagan said of three-year-old Japanese Spitz Disco, when CBD News met her on Bourke St in April. 

Disco takes every chance to go out for a walk with Teagan, or her partner Jack, who live in an apartment in the CBD. 

According to Teagan, Disco eats just about anything and makes no fuss in taking a poop on the balcony when it’s urgent!

“He loves eating everything, he loves eating rice, even eats raw vegetables, raw broccoli, raw beans, sometimes an apple and a pumpkin ... maybe just to surprise us.”

When asked about what it felt like having a dog in a city apartment, Teagan told CBD News, “I think he likes being in the city, as there are many gardens nearby; there’s Carlton Gardens, Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens. We go out for long walks every day. It was super special last year when we couldn’t go outside that much; it saved us from being too bored.”

They brought Disco from Shepparton in northern Victoria when he was only a few days old. “He just walked up to us when we went there, we thought it was really cute and he seemed to like us as well,” Teagan said. 

“He is very cheeky and loves treats and can do a lot of tricks, but all on his own terms only.”

“He is not very obedient but very loyal. He loves going to the beach. Sometimes we drive up to Port Melbourne Beach. Sometimes we walk to the markets: South Melbourne Market, Queen Victoria Market. We tend to take Disco everywhere with us so he feels out and about and doesn’t feel bored.”

“He is usually friendly with other dogs ... but if a puppy is too playful he can be a bit grumpy. His best friend is another Japanese Spitz called Noodles; he is my friend Karen’s dog.” •

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