Dog’s death raises welfare concerns

By Sunny Liu

A dog (pictured) was brutally beaten and suffocated to death at CBD apartment Upper West Side last month. 

It is alleged that the one-year-old Husky was killed by its temporary carer when its owner, a Chinese international student, was on holiday in China.

A source told CBD News the dog’s alleged killer, also a Chinese student and a resident of Upper West Side, beat the dog, stuffed it inside a suitcase and dumped the suitcase inside a bin room on level 12. Blood was found in the staircases on level 13 and 14.

The source claimed the dog’s killer had been physically abusing the dog for months and killed the dog when the dog was “making a mess in the apartment”.

CBD News understands when the Husky’s owner checked up on his dog, the carer said the dog had been poisoned and was buried in a backyard. But when the owner insisted on seeing the body, the carer allegedly replied that he threw the body away.

The building owners’ corporation sent out an email to residents after the incident, appealing for information.

The dog’s body has been sent to the RSPCA for examination. The RSPCA is investigating the case and expects to lay charges.

RSPCA prosecution co-ordinator Daniel Bode said there had been an alarming increase of violence towards animals.

“There is no circumstances under which it is acceptable for pet owners to take it upon themselves to violently end an animal’s life,” he said. “If an owner decides they just can’t manage an animal’s needs, then RSPCA Victoria will take any surrendered animal – no question asked.”

Lead candidate of the Animal Justice Party in the Melbourne City Council elections, Bruce Poon, said international students and migrants needed to be more educated about the responsibilities of owning a pet.

“They need to know what it takes to look after an animal and they need to be aware of the options to help re-home their pets that they can’t take care of anymore,” Mr Poon said.

The Animal Justice Party is calling for closure of a pet store at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

“Pet stores need to help re-home rescue animals, not promote impulsive buying of animals,” Mr Poon said.

“Many Melbourne people want the council to step up its game to provide a better habitat for animals.”

An independent review into the RSPCA Inspectorate to improve its operational performances and efficiency has been released.

The State Government has recently revealed its Draft Animal Welfare Action plan, which is now out for public consultation.

The Victorian Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford, said animal welfare was a collective responsibility.

“It’s on us all to treat pets, livestock and other animals under our care in a way that meets community expectations and standards,” she said. “Bringing a proactive welfare agenda to Victoria is about more than simply the prevention of cruelty to animals, it is about making sure our community knows what else needs to be done.”

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