Double trouble in harness

By Kathryn Lewis 

Kathy Sun and her partner Brendan Lee have been regulars at Flagstaff Gardens for a couple of years since they got Bubble, their Japanese Spitz. 

Today they had two energetic pups on their hands as they were also looking after their friend’s Poodle / Cocker Spaniel cross, Oreo.

The two dogs were leashed, but that did not prevent them from getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Camera-shy Oreo constantly darted in all directions, attempting to pull Ms Sun along with her, despite her size.

It seemed Bubble was happy to share parents with her adopted sister, as the two pups played together amiably. Apparently that is not always the case.

“They fight everyday, but I do not think it is a real fight. I think they are friends; they always make up, ” Ms Sun said, laughing at Oreo tangled in her legs.

Ms Sun and Mr Lee are both locals to the CBD studying chemical engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Ms Sun said the couple often relaxed in the shade at the park with their pooch, particularly in summer.

“We always come here. We live so close, and it’s always lovely,” Ms Sun said.

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