Dual news for lane

Goldsbrough Lane is to have a fortnightly farmers’ market and could become the city’s latest smoke-free zone.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said 30 stalls would be part of the Goldsbrough Lane Gourmet Farmers’ Market, selling a variety of fresh produce and gourmet food from July 16.

The Rotary Club of Central Melbourne Sunrise will operate the farmers’ market from 4pm to 7pm every second Thursday.

Goldsbrough Lane is also the latest area to be considered for a smoking ban as part of the City of Melbourne’s commitment to expanding smoke-free areas in the CBD.

“The space is partly covered by a glass canopy, putting non-smokers at a higher risk of the effects of passive smoking,” Cr Doyle said.

“During the day, Goldsbrough Lane is a popular destination for city workers who want to grab a bite to eat or get some shopping done.

The introduction of a farmers’ market is just another reason to consider a smoking ban in the busy strip.”

Council’s people city portfolio chair Cr Richard Foster, said the consultation would involve speaking with businesses and visitors to Goldsbrough Lane to get their thoughts on the proposal.

“No two precincts in the city are the same, so we want to hear from people who use Goldsbrough Lane to get their thoughts on making the area a smoke-free zone,” Cr Foster said.

“The more people we speak to the more we discover that the community favours clearing the air of cigarette smoke in public spaces.”

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