Festival Fashion101

By Kara Bertoncini

In preparation for the Laneway Festival coming up this month, I thought it necessary to share a bit of insight as to what to wear to such an event.

It may seem intimidating seeing photos posted on various social media platforms of everyone looking super fashionable, but let me assure you, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Here are my top five tips for all you guys and gals looking to make a fashion statement during this music festival season.

Ladies, this summer it’s all about the crop top. Whether you’re sporting washboard abs or not, there is always room to show a little flesh, so have some fun with it. Tight-fitted or loose-fitted crops are interchangeable but pair it with a contrastingly fitted bottom.

Colours and patterns! Ladies and gents, it is absolutely okay to go wild with the colour palette during festival season. Guys in particular, think about your shirts and tees; step outside of your comfort zone and play with colours and patterns you haven’t necessarily worn before. After all, if there’s ever a time to experiment with fashion, it’s at a music festival. And ladies, we’ve always loved a bit of colour in the wardrobe so you know what to do!

One can never own enough denim and during festival season, it is almost essential that you incorporate some denim into your look. Of course denim shorts are a staple but girls, why not play around with a denim skirt? These are well and truly making a comeback. And guys, a classic denim short never goes astray, but if you’re feeling quite daring, see if you can make that Canadian Tuxedo work for you.

Hats in all their forms are so on trend right now. Caps, snap backs, trilbies, fedoras, Panamas, bucket hats … you name it! They are all acceptable. Hats are also one of those accessories that you can wear year round so why not create a summer look and at the same time protect your face from the sun.

Now to complete a festival outfit, you really have to know what shoes to wear – not only for comfort but, of course, for the aesthetic. Us Melburnians love our boots and you know what, I give you permission to rock your favourite pair while dancing the day away. They bring both comfort and cool factor. Speaking of cool factor, ladies it is definitely okay to don sandals. Just prepare for a serious foot scrub when you get home!

Ultimately, it's an extension of your personality so always stay true to yourself.

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