Fluffy flatmate

By Rhianna Busler

Aki, the two-year-old Japanese Spitz pup is nothing but a white ball of friendly fluff. 

Z Dai and his flat mate have owned Aki since he was born and love having the playful pup around.

“I moved to Melbourne from China two years ago because I study over here and I love how convenient living in the city is to everything, especially RMIT the university I go to,” Dai said.

Admitting that Aki is usually pretty chilled out at home, Dai said Aki loved his daily walks and was always on the look out to make new human friends.

“My flat mate owns Aki but I’m always out walking him. We come to Flagstaff Gardens everyday. It’s his favourite place to walk,” Dai said.

Dai said that the popular gardens were always filled with other dog owners when the duo hit the CBD streets on weekends.

“I would say the city is quite an animal-friendly area, especially in this garden. I’m always seeing people walking their dogs,” he said.

While Aki sits with his tail in the mud munching on the grass, Dai admits that the pup’s pristine white fur can sometimes need a good shampooing.

“Aki is a really good apartment dog and loves lots going on around him. Living in the CBD is so local to everything and it’s nice having the gardens so close to where I live,” Dai said.

Describing Aki as a naive, crazy and cute pup, Dai said he was the favourite flatmate.

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