Gear up for winter

By Aleczander Gamboa

Winter can be long, unpleasant, and tedious. But it’s not all bad, because a new season presents the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe with new clothes.

And who doesn’t love new clothes?

Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to gear up and get warm. But for many of us, fashion can be as unfamiliar and unknown to us as the black hole in space. Where do you even begin?

Well let’s start with the basics…

Winter coats
Winter coats are an absolute essential to have in your winter wardrobe. They’re thick, durable, and have a million pockets to utilise.

There has been many times where I’ve worn a basic t-shirt with skinny jeans, then finished off the look with a winter coat and suddenly gone from drab to fab in a millisecond. Such is the power of winter coats.

Must have brands include Diesel, Country Road, Blaq and Witchery.

Trust me, there are going to be days so cold that the only thing you want to do is stay in bed all day. Hoodies are going to be your best friend this season – they are minimalistic, simple and subtle. You can use them inside and outside. Difficult? No. Simple? Yes.

There are also many hoodies with awesome designs on them (Cotton On comes to mind), so it ticks the boxes of being stylish and economical at the same time.

Must have brands include Factorie, Superdry, The Academy Brand, Country Road and Tommy Hilfiger.

It’s cold out there! Don’t forget your feet, as the last thing you need is a frostbitten toe. If you want your feet to keep warm, invest in a reliable pair of stylish boots. Many of them are designed to counteract the cold, often being warm, waterproof, insulated and easy to clean.

Melbourne is going to be a very wet place over the next months, so it’s essential you have a pair of durable shoes that can withstand the harshest of rain, hail or shine.

Must have brands include Milana, Clark, Hush Puppies, Ted Baker and Julius Marlow.

And last but not least, remember the important rule of layering the clothes from thin to thick to get the best out of their insulating properties. Good luck Melburnians, winter is coming.

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