Getting your style sorted on the weekend

Weekends were made for shopping, but when you don’t know your checkers from your chinos, you can end up spending your week’s worth of earnings on a wardrobe that is entirely wrong for you.

With fashion having more rules than the English language, you can learn the right dialect with the help of a personal shopper and stylist.

CBD resident and personal stylist, Sally Mackinnon of Styled by Sally, helps cut through the confusion and find a style that suits your personality, lifestyle and budget.

In probably less than the time you would normally try shopping for new threads on a Saturday, Sally will shop with you and provide direction on what’s best for your body type and what you’re looking to achieve - she might even be able to hook you up with a stylist discount – winning!

Having a personal shopper is like going shopping with a friend, but one that will actually tell you when you look bad.

Sally starts at around $250 for a two-hour power shop with the lady in the know, plus a range of other services available if you need a complete overhaul.

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